Generate multiple reports for your students performance

Multiple reports can be generated based on the student category, class, grade, subject and academic years. It compliance with ADEK requirements

Generate based on categories

InDepth report center allows you to generate report based on different types of categories- Student Category, Grade, Section, Subject, etc. This will help you to generate insightful reports and also to compare the perfomances

Student lists based on the criteria

Complete student lists shown with Name, Sex, Exam Type, Grade, Section, Subject and Mark for each. It helps you to get the students details who have achieved a particular rank criteria.

Subject wise results

Provides you with the details marks for each subject and also allows you to enter the minimum and maximum percent/mark required for the reports.

Graphical Representation for each subject

The report results are represented using interactive google maps which provides you with easily understandable results. These graphs are also can be downloaded and printed.

Export statistics as PDF

One-Click downloadable PDF for the statistics which include each subject and its reports. This will help you to analyze the teachers and the performance of students for each subjects.

Reports as per ADEK requirements

InDepth Report Center is designed and developed to compliance with MOE and ADEK. It is designed exactly as it mention in the ADEK documentation on student reports.

Multiple graphical representation

InDepth provides you with the option to select the suitable graphical representation of the data, like Pie chart, Line chart, Histogram, etc. This will help you to understand and interpret the data comfortably and accurately.

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